I7XIoCsfMWrD (foto nr. 1)
e Mërkurë 26 Mars 2014, Ora 10:08
Your screwed. Older cars it would have been reelitvaly easy but modern cars a lot harder. Also, if you disconnect the mileage counter you will probably also be disconnecting the speedometer which means you leave yourself open to the good old speeding tickets. How would you explain that one away.Are you insured for the vehicle? How would you explain away it being seized if you got stopped by the bizys if you got caught speeding.Ask permission and do things properly, then if you screw up you have a minimal effect on others.
shkelzen haruni (foto nr. 2)
e Premte 5 Qershor 2015, Ora 00:38
my oxygen is here in my city
Dema Kurtaj (foto nr. 5)
e Martë 11 Shtator 2012, Ora 11:08
Si ne enderr, ketu e gjen lumturine, freskin, etj.
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