Galaxy Note5 i larë në ar 24-karat
Galaxy Note5 i larė nė ar 24-karat

bp6lAwX9uQZ (foto nr. 1)
e Dielë 27 Dhjetor 2015, Ora 21:02
I love roasted crraots, but haven't tried the multi-colored ones. Could it be that we've become used to the super sweet varieties of veggies that they've developed recently? Corn tastes positively like candy to me now, and I'm not sure I like it. I tasted an heirloom tomato the other day that had a kind of grassy twang (not sure how to put in it words!) that I liked. It's how I remember tomatoes tasting. Your crraots look beautiful, but fibrous doesn't sound too appealing. I'll have to track some down and have a taste test.
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